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Decolletage/upper chest Canterbury

Decolletage & upper area can be treated with HIFU as its targetted and works to increase collagen and increase the elasticity in the skin to tighten and the area.

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HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound and it is a medical technology that uses ultrasound rays to treat a specific area. Normally it a non-surgical procedure hence it is non-invasive. This procedure treats various regions of the body but this article will focus on decolletage/upper chest HIFU treatment.  

Why HIFU treatment can help

HIFU is the best alternative to surgical lifting. This form of cosmetic procedure has many benefits. Some of the benefits include; it lifts any sagging skin, reduces any lines and wrinkles, makes the skin tighter and firm, improves skin texture and gives you a younger look.

Other advantages are that after the treatment you can go back to your daily activities because it does not require a healing period. It safe, secure and effective as the results are visible within a short period of time. The results can last for a long time. The session is very short. Although once a year may be enough for you, you can always go back thereafter for another treatment after the decolletage and upper area.

The Benefits of Treating the Upper chest

The upper area might appear sagging or even wrinkled. Apart from ageing one of the main reasons for this is exposure to the sun. Rejuvenating the skin on the upper chest area can solve this problem. HIFU uses ultrasound rays which are focused on the upper area. 

They target the deep skin layers under the fat layer which is known as the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System. This makes the skin contract and stimulates the production of collagen resulting into skin that becomes tight and firm. Obviously, it gives the anti-ageing effects leaving you looking younger. For most patients, the results start showing after a period of between two to three months.

How HIFU Can Help You Regain your self-confidence and self esteem

Just one of the most sensitive areas is the upper area that is when it comes to people noticing. A upper area that has sagging skin and wrinkles can be demoralising. After a HIFU treatment, you get a chest with a very appealing look. It is without a doubt that this sort of treatment automatically boosts a person’s self-esteem and confidence after the results. Anyone can get the treatment!