Tightens the dermis Canterbury

HIFU is the new must-have non-surgical treatment for tightening sagging or crepey skin

Benefits Of Tightening Dermis Through Hifu

Tightening the dermis using HIFU technology involves inducing instant skin rejuvenation. The ultrasound method reaches the deeper layers of the skin thus deals with the root of skin ageing and sagging directly. HIFU is capable of bypassing the upper layers of the skin to focus on targeted spots in the dermis to initiate thermal heating of the tissues without causing any harm. When the heat is relatively induced, the collagen fibres shorten to cause gradual lifting of the skin. Consequently, the skin tissues tighten from the dermis to the upper layer causing reduction of wrinkles.

The process of collagen regeneration is called neocollagenesis and is attained when optimal temperature is focused on specific points of the dermis. The tightening effect of the dermis is gradual and clearly seen within several months. The rejuvenation of the dermis and other skin tissues reshapes the skin structure and framework lifting the skin to make it toned and tightened.

Focus Depth for Dermis Tightening

Dermis tightening is a critical procedure that requires special expertise and skills. Gladly, we have the best professionals with vast experience to perform HIFU. Our team chooses the best focus depth before ultrasound depending on your skin structure for impressive results. The depths range from 4.5mm, 3.0mm, to 1.5mm. These depths are compatible with the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS), lower dermis, and upper dermis respectively.

Benefits of the treatment with HIFU

Final Results During and After the treatment

Dermis tightening starts during the therapy, and its effect is long felt even. After the thermal stimulation of the dermis, the helical structure in the dermis changes inducing gradual thermos-coagulation. The whole process aims at inducing production of new elastin and collagen. Finally, the dermis structural change results.

The results occur in three phases. The first phase involves healing and regeneration process. The results are more pronounced during the second phase, of three months, and the last phase indicates the final results of dermis tightening. Final results show rejuvenated skin structure, relative skin tone, and attractive, youthful appearance. Click here to see our patients journey with us!