Treatment for Love Handles Canterbury

For love handles (hips) HIFU can help with removal of weight and skin tightening. Contact us today to find out more.

Have you been trying to reduce love handles with no success? Also known as muffin top, they are excess fat deposits extending from your stomach, around your waistline. They usually cause bulge over the top of your skirt or trousers, making you feel self-conscience when wearing tight clothing. Thats why Hifu offers a treatment for love handles.

Typically, fats in these body parts are usually stubborn to remove as they are resistant to dieting and exercise.

HIFU technology is an efficient procedure for removing unwanted fat, and for improving the skin tone and elasticity. It will stimulate collagen production, giving your skin a firmer, tighter, a youthful appearance. Most importantly, is a non-invasive therapy, and one treatment session will deliver visible results in love handles reduction.

How can HIFU Help to Remove Love Handles?

HIFU Canterbury accurately targets the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS), thicker, and superficial layers of your skin. The removal is safe for the people as it protects the epidermis while allowing deep and uniform heat penetration.

By stimulating, thickening, and remodelling collagen production, the procedure leads to a firm scaffolding matrix in the SMAS tissues. The effect causes elastin formation, which improves the elasticity of your skin.

How is the Treatment love handles Process?

HIFU treatment is a comfortable procedure, but the patients might feel a temporally mild ache along bony areas, and a single session lasts for approximate 45-60 minutes. After one  session, maintenance therapy can be done once every six or 12 months depending on the patient’s desires on the degree of skin tightening.

Benefits of HIFU Treatment Canterbury

Why is the Procedure Unique?

HIFU is the only non-invasive skin therapy that can specifically target the deep skin foundation without disrupting or cutting the skin surface. Additionally, the Procedure uses ultrasound imaging, which enables the specialist to examine the layers of tissues during the procedure.

The suitable patients for HIFU treatments are persons above 30 years of age, and those in their 30s, it will stimulate collagen production delaying your ageing process. It is also an effective skin therapy for those above 60 years as long as the degree of laxity of their skin is not too severe.